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İlk Kuvvet (1990)  full izle
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İlk Kuvvet (1990) full izle

(The First Power)
Senaryo Robert Resnikoff
A killer is given the gas chamber after committing several demonic murders. His spirit is released and given power by the Devil. Now the cop that caught him before must find a way to do it again.A young man,Patrick Channing,born out of an incestuous relationship, and enduring an emotionally ,psychologically scarring childhood, gives in to the dark side of Satanic forces and becomes a weapon of evil. He kills with such ferocity that he becomes the main target of the L.A.P.D. Detective Russell Logan(a specialist in catching serial killers) engages in a battle of wits with Channing in life and after death. It appears that Channing can't be stopped,but Logan has a few tricks of his own to match Channing's-"First Power"